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Article 1. Preamble

The Services offered by Photobooth System Studio, hereinafter referred to as “Services” are standard Services designed to meet the needs and expectations of the greatest number of customers. Likewise, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the Services meet their own needs and expectations. Failure to have requested Photobooth System Studio to request additional details, prior to the signing of these presents, the customer acknowledges having been sufficiently informed.

Article 2. Definitions

"THE LESSEE" : Legal representative of the legal entity and any natural or legal person who enters into a rental service agreement with Photobooth System Studio.

"THE GOOD" : All the equipment and material of the photo booth which includes a complete structure of the photo booth, a 12 inch touch screen, a Canon EOS reflex camera, a DNP DS 620 printer, a software license, a studio flash and party accessories.

"THE SERVICE PROVIDER" : Refers to the Photobooth System Studio company responsible for providing the rental of the Property, customer service and technical service for the use of a photo booth.


"SERVICES" : Services offered by the company Photobooth System Studio and subscribed by the Lessee which includes services and rentals.

Article 3. - Reservations & financial arrangements

The prices of the Services are indicated in Swiss Francs CHF, VAT not applicable.

Reservations are effective only when payment of the deposit has been received by Photobooth System Studio.

The Lessee as a natural person will pay by transfer to the company Photobooth System Studio, a deposit of 50% of the total amount and this upon signature of the contract, the balance will be paid on the day of the Service.

The Lessee as a legal person will pay by transfer to the company Photobooth S ystem Studio, the total amount of the invoice within 30 days from the date of the invoice.

Invoicing of the balance will occur after completion of the Services.

The Lessee has the right to cancel his order up to 30 days before the date of completion of the Service. The deposit will be returned, after this period, the entire deposit paid will be cashed.

Article 4. Damage, damage / theft

In the event of damage and damage attributable to use that does not comply with the instructions given by the lessor upon delivery, of theft or loss, the Lessee will be held responsible and will assume the costs of repair or replacement, upon presentation. proof of payment.

Article 5. Assignment - Subletting

The lessee may not sublet, resell, or assign the Property.

Transport risks are the responsibility of the lessee in the event that the option of installation by the owner is not taken out.

The lessee undertakes to use the Good for legal purposes and in accordance with the normal uses of the Good as well as good morals. Under no circumstances can the owner be held responsible for photos taken with the equipment provided.

The lessee undertakes to return the equipment in the same condition and in good working order as when it was received.

The lessee undertakes to take care and protect the integrity of the Property. If the lessee returns the Good in poor condition, poorly maintained, or in a state of technical malfunction or cleanliness not corresponding to normal use or rental wear and tear, noted within 7 days following the return, the lessee agrees to pay the costs of overhauling, repairing or cleaning, on presentation of the corresponding invoices.

In the event of loss or theft, the owner will take legal action.

The lessee is responsible for the equipment as soon as it leaves the owner or, in the event of commissioning on site, when it is made available to users.


Article 6. Insurance

The lessee is not covered by any insurance from PHOTOBOOTH SYSTEM STUDIO.

It is up to the lessee to ensure with a company of his choice to cover his Civil Liability (to cover damage caused to third parties by the equipment), the risks of loss, theft or deterioration throughout the duration of the the rental and this, until the return or recovery of the equipment.


In the event of loss, theft or deterioration, the lessee must reimburse PHOTOBOOTH SYSTEM STUDIO for the equipment concerned according to the value of the new equipment purchased as a replacement.


At the time of delivery, the lessee will receive the information necessary for the operation and handling of the equipment as well as all the safety warnings, risks and precautions to be taken relating to the use of the equipment described in this present contract.


The lessee will therefore be held responsible for any misuse, and any damage that may result therefrom.

In the event of total or partial malfunction of the equipment following a paper jam and / or a break in the "ribbon" or other failure explained during start-up, the owner of the equipment cannot be held responsible and the full amount of the rental and any repairs must be paid by the lessee.


In the event of total or partial malfunction of the equipment following the action of a third person, an unsuitable climatic environment, a malfunction of the electrical network and / or web, the owner of the equipment cannot be held responsible and the full amount of the rental and any repairs must be paid by the lessee.

Under no circumstances can the owner be held responsible for any bodily injury or material damage resulting from the use of his equipment by the lessee having accepted the perfect working order of the equipment by signing this contract and / or the delivery slip. .


Equipment rented: complete PHOTOBOOTH SYSTEM STUDIO structure + 12-inch touch screen + Canon EOS reflex + DNP DS 620 printer + software license + studio flash + festive accessories

Article 7. Telephone assistance

The Lessee benefits for the duration of his rental from technical assistance by telephone on 0775020955 from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Article 8. Attribution of competences

In the event of a dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of this contract, only the Commercial Court of Lausanne based in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland will be competent.

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