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Does the Photo Booth have to be plugged into an outlet?

Yes, the Photo Booth must be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Does the photobooth print instantly?

Yes in seconds and on real glossy, waterproof paper.

Does a large picture frame come with the costumes?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no, it depends on the available stock, it is recommended to ask our customer service.

Is a background or a "Back drop" provided with the photobooth?

There is an additional cost which varies according to your need for the type of backdrop desired, it is recommended to request a personalized quote. In general, customers find a location with a neutral background and decorate the “shooting” location to their liking. If you want a "Green Screen", a mini studio allowing the background of your choice (Niagara Falls, Galaxy or any other background of your imagination) an additional cost of 490 CHF is applied.

Does the photobooth require the presence of a person at all times?

No, the Photo Booth is completely autonomous, however, a person must receive instructions for the proper use of the equipment which is very simple and fun.

What is the power consumption of the photobooth?

800W maximum.

Can the photobooth be installed outside?

Yes if the weather conditions allow it.

Can the photobox be installed and transported by the customer?

No, the photobooth must be delivered and installed by one of our agents for safety and quality reasons.

After the event, are all the photos sent electronically?

Yes, in fact they will be available on a private online gallery for a period of 1 month where customers can download all the photos.

Is it possible to install the photobooth the day before the event?

Yes depending our planning and to be to be discussed with our customer service.

Can I print the same photo several times?

Yes, by clicking several times on the printing button.

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